Соперница Алисы Аршавиной обрела настоящую любовь Olga Semenova met the man of her dreams. Model from Kazakhstan went on the program “let’s get married” to Larisa Guzeeva, rose Sabitova and Vasilisa Volodina found her a decent husband.
Соперница Алисы Аршавиной обрела настоящую любовь

For the past two months has been simmering scandal surrounding the family of Arshavina. Now a famous football player plays for the Kazakhstan club Kairat and most of the time in Alma-ATA. The Internet has got video in which the athlete has his arm around model Olga Semenova. It later emerged that the wife of Andrew Alice was unhappy with the fact that next to her husband was a stranger and started to write her messages with threats.

Now, however, Semenov was quick to reassure those who worried that it might divert the man from the family. As it turned out, she attended the program “let’s get married”, where thanks to the efforts of Larisa Guzeeva, Rose Sabitova and Vasilisa Volodya met your ideal.

“I am the imaginary mistress Arshavin, but today on “let’s get married” I found love”, – said Olga in a short video posted on Instagram.

Followers girl happy for her and wished happiness in his personal life. They hope that Semenov did meet the reliable man who will be a worthy mate.

Now Olga continues to insist on – recently, the Prosecutor General of the Republic of Kazakhstan rejected its statement to the threats of Alice Arshavina. However, by law she may appeal directly to the court to draw opponent accountable for his words. The model is not going to stop halfway.

Olga had intended to punish and Andrey Arshavin. After his statements in the media Semenova encouraged him to be more careful in his statements. She admitted she has some information about how it actually took place that fateful evening.

Kazakhstan model is going to sue Alice Arshavin

Соперница Алисы Аршавиной обрела настоящую любовь“All really serious, he told the player’s wife “StarHit”. – I opened a criminal case under three heavy articles. It is very unpleasant. To court so far away, now go check. To chat with this girl I do not want to, she wanted PR and did it.”