Rita’s mom Dakota almost disrupted the wedding of the daughter of Vlad Sokolovskiy

Мама Риты Дакоты чуть не сорвала свадьбу дочери с Владом Соколовским
The singer admitted that he re-met her future husband in a strip club.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky openly talked about their love story. The musicians were the main characters of the show “About love”, during the filming of which was discovered a few family secrets. One of them was the first meeting of Rita and Vlad in a few years after the end of “factory of stars”. The artists said that fateful meeting, which led them to the altar happened… in a strip club. The future spouses were invited to a private party, after which, according to Vlad, immediately went to his home.

By the way, the wedding couple, as it turned out, could not at all take place. It turned out that that day, when Sokolovsky in Bali did Dakota offer, mother of the singer tried to dissuade beloved daughter from such a decisive step. “I called his mother my beloved and said, “Yes, two o’clock, I understand, but I just proposed to your daughter!” To which she replied: “Vlad, honey, what you see in this fool need? Think it over!” — said Sokolowski. Incidentally, Rita’s mom was at that moment in the Studio and explained why advised him to marry his daughter. “I just thought they were hilarious. They have since “American idol” were always like brother and sister!” — smiling, said the mother of Dakota. It turned out that she just could not believe that attitude of the guys went to a new level.

Incidentally, the numerologist had predicted the pair soon addition to the family. But you Rita and Vlad for that yet are biased. “You know, our child is waiting for all, but so far apart from us. We have kids, we promise, a lot! But not now…” said the wife.