Rita said Dakota, who looks like her son

Рита Дакота рассказала, на кого похож ее сын
The singer admitted that some of the features of the baby another one like Vlad Sokolovsky.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota said, for someone like her baby-to-be. Singer
sharing this information before the next advanced ultrasound with 3D effect.

“It’s kind of like an ultrasound before the final
birth, — says the star. — In the past could see the shape of the lips (one to one
as Vlad), and cilia! I hope that the ultrasound will see anything from
me… Vlad, by the way, the spitting image of dad, and I’m like no mom, no dad. My
appearance — a strange mixture of relatives. My mother, incidentally, is generally similar to its
the mother’s uncle, and neither mom nor dad is there close nothing. Maybe if our
the family there is a “gene otherness”, and in the family of Vlad, on the contrary, all
like fathers, like two drops of water, then our child will definitely be the spitting image of Vlad. Me
this is more than would suit”.

telling literally everything about your future baby, Rita and Vlad continue
to hide the sex of the baby. Dakota admitted that the questions, who is she waiting for: boy
or a girl greatly irritate her. “We with Vlad at first
two ultrasound told one gender and the third already just said real, who
it turned out, it is not difficult to guess the opposite! And Yes, Paul we know, but
tell everyone when you want to tell. Can you?” said Rita.

From the sixth month
pregnant wife Vlad Sokolovsky maintains a blog which tells how
her life changed with the onset of pregnancy. Fans in awe
Dakota stories and hope that giving birth to a child, she will continue