Rita Ora returned to Kosovo

Рита Ора вернулась в Косово

British singer Rita Ora was born in 1990 in Pristina, and in the same year her family moved to the UK. Despite the huge success, she never forgets his roots and visited his native Kosovo to mark the tenth anniversary of independence of the Republic of Serbia.

Рита Ора вернулась в Косово

In 2015, the then President of the Republic Atifete Jahjaga did Rita Ambassador of Kosovo in a ceremony at the Embassy of the Republic in London. This visit to Kosovo, the singer met with Prime Minister Ramos-jardinagem, and in the evening on February 17 was closed with his performance gala concert at the Skanderbeg square. To listen Rita gathered thousands of her fans.

“I’m so glad to join all of you to mark the tenth anniversary of independence,” wrote Rita on Twitter on the eve.

At a press conference, the singer told me that is very nervous before a concert in his hometown. “I performed at the ceremony “Oscar”, but I don’t remember I was so nervous as today, before the concert in Pristina,” said Ora.

In the same year, Rita was appointed Ambassador, there was a robbery, which the singer suffered from panic attacks. Then the robber broke into the house where Rita had been sleeping peacefully with her sister Helen and stole her valuable things at 200 thousand dollars. But it’s not even in financial losses. Since then, the idea that someone else can get into her house is her fortress while she sleeps, haunt her.
Ora has had several courses of psychotherapy to get your life back to normal, but I realized that to live as before, will not happen.
“It still affects me even today, going to sleep, I can’t be calm. I know that in my house was visited by a stranger, and I will never return to the old carefree life. My sister was the hardest – she had to face with the burglar face to face..
It was horrible and remains so. The feeling of anxiety passes. Now even in your own home with a closed inside door I can’t stay safe,” she said in an interview with Bizarre.
The thief who robbed Rita and her sister was identified and found. The attacker Sharaf Alauddin received five years in prison in July last year.
Like Prince Harry, Lady Gaga and other celebrities who recently confessed about his experienced psychological trauma, Rita Ora decided to speak openly about their fears.
“I know I’m not alone and that many pass through this. After the fall always comes the rise,” concluded the star.
She recently released the first in two years single after her contract with the label Jay-Z Roc Nation, roll out of her as a singer. Despite the termination of the contract, Ora remains in good relations with the rapper.