Rita Ora fails sang under a soundtrack for thanksgiving

Рита Ора неудачно спела под фонограмму на День благодарения

A great parade with a giant Turkey and a fun crowd was on thanksgiving Day in new York. To entertain ordinary people in the city called big-name stars such as Rita Ora and John legend. Due to the fact that the organizers are unable to provide the executors of required equipment and conditions, actors had to perform famous hits by soundtrack. And Yes, last, there was confusion.

In the Internet appeared the video, which Rita Ora poor start to lip-sync the hit Let You Love Me. Music began much earlier, and the singer did not have time to open his mouth! Later it turned out that legend also sang a track, but the embarrassment did not happen.

This topic has excited fans and ordinary citizens social network and platform for discussion on Twitter. Users began to accuse the executors, and they, in turn, decided to explain the situation: “a Fun fact. We all used the soundtrack as the parade there were no technical possibilities for live performance. Hope you liked it anyway. Know this: if you come to my shows, they are a hundred percent live sound” — so he met John legend.

Rita Ora is also not silent and dared to explain a bad situation. “Thank you John Legendo for the explanation. I was going to write the same thing. Singing to the soundtrack annoys artists, but sometimes we have no choice. On all their shows I always sing myself.”

However, the words of the artists do not really convince the majority of users. They were discussing something that certainly will not go to concerts after seeing the singers at the festival.

And then to blame the stars? Rita and John have tried to perform as best as possible and give a feast to all the people of new York. But John not so long ago became a father for the second time. Before the birth of a baby, without departing from tradition, the artist’s wife Chrissy Teigen staged a baby shower, inviting famous friends, which were fed delicious cakes. Invited Teigen and her husband Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and Kris Jenner.

As we can see in the story Teigen, the festival was something to make money. Stars decided to not stop at one cake and five. Everything was done in blue pastels, with a hint of the sex of the baby. The treats were written different phrases, mostly with humor.

Before that, the model spoke at the conference Create & Cultivate where he answered journalists ‘ questions. She admitted that he is afraid again to fall into postpartum depression.

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