Рита Керн пытается помириться с папой-священником
Ex-participant of the popular teleproject “the House-2” Rita Kern once said that for a long time does not communicate with the father.

Рита Керн пытается помириться с папой-священником

The parent couldn’t take the life of his daughter, father-priest revealing outfits and popularity of the girl is unknown.

“Dad fixed me up with a seminarian, wanted me to follow in his footsteps. If I could go back and live a new life, it would be a very interesting experience,” admitted Rita.

Now the girl has told that she wants to start to communicate with his father, so as truly loves him.

“I’m ready to reconcile. It seems the Pope has reached enlightenment and is therefore able to accept me,” says Kern.

Probably due to the fact that in his youth the girl was limited in many things, but now she decided to go crazy, choosing such a Frank way.

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