Rita Kern spoke about sexual abstinence

Рита Керн заговорила о сексуальном воздержании The girl experienced his strength. As recognized by the core, once she had two months not to engage with anyone in a sexual intimacy. Ex-member of telestroke didn’t want to enjoy under a sight of cameras.

The star of “House-2” Rita Kern admits that he likes to attract the attention of men to his person. A model with voluminous bust is popular with members of the opposite sex. However, during the participation in the project “Dom-2” core to enter into an intimate relationship with other members.

«Two months. This was the period of my participation in the “House-2″ when I lived in the Seychelles. The first week even thought it was not about sex; distracted by the new environment, flight, familiarization with the participants. But then it was very hard, often had to retire in the shower and enjoy yourself. Now, by the way, I remember the peak of the situation when Karina Bagdasar, another heroine of the show, spent the night at Ivan Bursikova. Then I just burned with desire, but I was stopped by the presence of cameras,” – said Rita.

By the way, a couple of times Kern got into a situation when men denied her intimacy. When Rita is alone with a man in bed, she allows herself liberties. As told by ex-member of telestroke, sometimes she talks dirty, as, in her opinion, it’s sexy. Kern is not afraid to experiment.

“I’m for variety! I think that in this business you can do anywhere. The main thing is people don’t get embarrassed. Especially exciting for more adrenaline, when you can hear or walk. For example, I once had sex in the fitting room of the lingerie store” – shared Rita with journalists.

The girl believes that it is necessary that a man came up, both physically and spiritually. Most of the core like, when she is presented with expensive gifts. So a man may have it to yourself.

Provocateur “House-2” Rita Kern: “the Male has to provide»

Many criticize Rita for unnaturally large Breasts, which she achieved by moving some plastic surgery. So far, the star of telestroke is not planning any other changes of appearance. Kern argues that none of her men did not complain.

“Artificial or natural – it all depends on what you like partner. Personally to me sex forms do not interfere, rather, only give the advantage. Men are in awe of my bust!”said Kern in an interview with the magazine “Dom-2”.

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