Rita Dakota turned to his future daughter

Рита Дакота обратилась к своей будущей дочке
Star tired of being pregnant.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota tired to be in anxious waiting for a miracle and wants to become a mother. The artist told the followers that her daughter “stayed” and has already missed a birth of the light. The singer with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky are in constant tension because of this.

“When you can give birth at any moment, it’s such a strange feeling! Here were the two of you, your dreams and plans for your little world for two, and your crazy love. And here it is people, real living, with its own appearance, character and the opinion, attitude, taste in music, food, their fate! The man who came from nothing, man we have made to hang out with him now for the rest of my life. The head does not fit anyway, 9 months have not helped to start to treat the miracle as something normal, usual. For us, this miracle is always a miracle. We are waiting for you, fine! Let’s hurry!” — addressed future daughter Rita.

Last week the fans, by the way, I decided that Dakota secretly from all has become a mother. However, the singer denied the rumors and asked the “pregnant woman” to leave alone. When her family happens a joyful event, members of the stars learn about it first promised Rita.