Rita Dakota: “the Whole evening I spent on the bathroom floor with a crying baby!»

Рита Дакота: «Весь вечер я провела на полу в ванной с рыдающим ребенком на руках!»
A series of troubles, the singer continues in Bali.

Photo: Instagram

Wintering in Bali, as it turned out, not always like a fairy tale. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky again no luck. In the first weeks of their stay in Indonesia, the star family was robbed. Local criminals stole their rented moped right from their Villa. Most worryingly, they entered the house and took the keys out. Vlad spent the whole day in the police (also not pleasant). After that stars decided to change their place of residence and found a new home, but not in the South and in the North of the island. From the Windows of the new villas was a prominent rice fields and the sacred mount Agung, was literally half an hour away.

It yesterday and went to Rita’s with Vlad.

“Yesterday afternoon at 15.30 we went to the temple on top of the volcano Agung, says Sokolowski. — When I arrived, the clouds for a few minutes, opened the top and we saw the volcano as a whole. Saw burned trees and dead paths of lava! We sat in the temple for about two hours. Energy from this place came powerful as ever! We came out and we another hour shakes from the vibrations throughout the body… Surprisingly! But the shock overtook us in the evening, when our Balinese friends began to write to us, knowing that we were at the Agung, at an altitude of about 2000 meters (at the height of the volcano at 3500 meters), that of mount Agung, at 11:30 am broke out and gave a great cloud!!! After this information, we sat silently for ten minutes and tried to realize where we were and what was happening underneath us, actually…»

Literally in the same evening, when all but Rita and little MIA, went to the hot springs, there was a New nuisance.

Near the Villa of artists lit up the rice fields. And in the air almost no oxygen I could.

“It was the worst day of my life — said Dakota. — I rocked MIA and prayed that he vanished. The whole evening I spent on the bathroom floor with a sobbing daughter. I haven’t had the opportunity to go to another room for water or a toy. So lonely and helpless I have never felt. Thank God she’s all right. But while running back and forth 15 times, inhaled. I spent the whole night feverish. I cried all night. So now we move on again to the South, away from the North extreme”.