Rita Dakota talking about working with an oligarch who has beaten the wife

Рита Дакота заговорила о работе с олигархом, избившим жену The actress commented on the scandal involving Liza Adamenko and businessman Valentin Ivanov. Singer unfortunate that her name trying to discredit a non-existent facts. Wife of Vlad Sokolovsky says that her work is no one directing, and the top Manager of “LUKOIL” provides only financial support.

      Rita Dakota tried to justify that the information that Valentin Ivanov is its direct producer. The girl claims that the man never did this, but only provided partial financial support for the successful conduct of the filming of the video. Rita said that the only person she could call her producer is her husband Vlad Sokolovsky. Anyway, the singer once again informed the fans that independently engaged in the creation of new creative works.

      Rita Dakota intervened in the scandal with the beating of the wife of the oligarch

      Dakota didn’t even try to hide it from subscribers how strongly her disappointment surfaced in media reports about a business relationship with Valentin Ivanov. The star suggested that the journalists misinterpreted the words of top-Manager or he inaccurately formulated thoughts during one of the interviews.

      “I’ve been told that have no producer. With Valentin we met as an artist with a client, speaking at his event. Being a fan of my husband’s and my creativity, by its celebration of our concert, later Valentin expressed a desire to be a financial Manager of several of our video works. In our case, it was only partial funding, in the clip involved other companies and brands,” he told fans of a celebrity.

      But on one topic with Valentin Ivanov Rita decided not to dwell. The singer has clarified the history of the model Liza Adamenko. During travel to Bali island star proposed to the model the main role in his new clip. Dakota claims that Lisa was the perfect candidate and would be able to implement all the ideas. But Dakota told me that a few days before departure to new York, she learned that Adamenko there was the scandal with her husband Valentin Ivanov, who allegedly tore up her passport, which prevented the girl to leave the territory of a foreign country.

      Note that Rita did not change plans for dates that were scheduled Sheki, and began searching for a new heroine clip. That is why the artist is unclear why the Network POPs up information about working with Adamenko. A few days ago the singer published a picture with the girl who replaced Lisa in the video.

      “My Director had to start looking for the replacement of the protagonist even remotely, for four days prior to the first day on the set. Then with Lisa we’re no longer talking. I don’t want to have anything to do with other people’s squabbles and scandals… I beg you not to use my name with other people’s scandals, PR stories and fights,” admitted the singer.

      Rita Dakota also expressed hope that the representatives of the media will not bother her with phone calls with requests to clarify the situation. The girl said that her comments under the latest posts in Instagram are the only source from which to draw all the information. She admitted that due to microblog can speak to concerned fans. The celebrity also said that does not going to advertise his new work in a similar way. She believes that “black PR” can be useful to anyone, but not her.

      “I am very sad that someone might be interested. What articles or programs, this may be the rating, and that the top publications and television channels call me with sincere bewilderment. Know that we live in infamous times where 90% of artists just glad to such “PR” around their work. But I don’t. In this song invested all my soul, all my “innards,” said the singer in Instagram.