Rita Dakota talked about his spending

Рита Дакота рассказала о своих тратах
The popular 27-year-old singer and composer Rita Dakota loves to travel with her husband singer Vlad Sokolovsky.

Рита Дакота рассказала о своих тратах

Singers constantly post on their personal pages in social networks pictures from travelling. For example, in the winter they spent more than a month in Bali. Many fans were puzzled how a couple finds money on the road.

The angry messages of fans Rita said that trying to find the travel options with a minimal budget, and saving you while in another country.

“Guys are you serious? That’s just not start about money! First, we are not innovative plasma 2017 release. And his apartment yet either… secondly, we always managed to find the “Vario” to go somewhere even when every last penny has been invested in our musical projects. I traveled last year all of Europe by hitchhiking, you know, with 200 dollars in his pocket and Fluff Fest with tents to drive, and Czech beer in the brewery at the tasting to get drunk for free in a wonderful hostel in Riga for 7 euros, the three of us to spend the night, and the freshest mussels on the market in Belgium, to eat with the wine at dinner. You know, like on the train from Minsk to reach the maximum proximity of Belarus to Lithuania, to Poland, and from there a penny bus,” wrote Rita.

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