Rita Dakota talked about his life abroad

Рита Дакота рассказала о своей жизни за границей
The singer has compared the resorts by the ocean.

Рита Дакота рассказала о своей жизни за границей

Even in the winter Rita Dakota admired holiday in Bali and
said it was this island seems the perfect place to live, that’s exactly where she
comfortable, interesting and good. And recently, Dakota along with her husband Vlad
Sokolovsky visited the Maldives, where he brought a lot of new experiences. Singer
decided to compare these resorts to find the pros and cons of holiday in the Maldives and

“In Bali there is no luxury beaches. No
one. Pictures cheating, there is no such as you have in the office on the splash screen
computer. Not white as flour sand perfect nor pure calm
the turquoise sea or the huge beds-sunbeds where you every 10 minutes
spray thermal water and pour ice prosseco. All the beaches are wild,
everywhere is full of dogs, old warungu, wooden boats punched, thrown to
shore, local flavor, surfers, smells of fried rice and incense… This is
fool of the ocean, just another “beach”. Of course, in any tourist
Nusa Dua at pricey hotels have something similar (still much worse, “level”),
but it is a perverse exception rather. And if You are a sybarite and from travelers expect
super service and extremely tourist “beach turanism”, it is not in
no case of Bali, says Dakota. — Here just to the Maldives, where all
the above is plentiful. Here about to lie down, do nothing, nor
what not to think, a little walk, a little talk, to swim, sunbathe and sleep.
All. In our case, when the dense working and shooting the chart was
week, docility and reboot, is the perfect choice. After all, if
Maldives we “rest week”, then in Bali, we “live a month/two”. And it
completely different things, just yet diametrically different. Overall there is only the presence
palm trees, papaya and kapitalnogo ocean, and more, it’s really nothing. People, spitting
from Bali, should the idea is not to blame for the island, and their false beliefs
about it inadequate expectations. So, in short, to Bali to live, and
The Maldives to relax and turn off the brain”.