Rita Dakota spoke about their fears

Рита Дакота рассказала о своих страхах
The singer admitted that he could not decide to have a baby.

Rita Dakota with daughter MIA

Photo: Instagram

28-year-old Rita Dakota, which always looks
girl, spirited and fearless, said that it’s just a mask. On
really she is very sensitive and emotional person, which arises
a lot of fears.

“Get out of the comfort zone is always scary, dangerous,
scary. But it’s always about growth and growth, says Dakota. — I am the
a terrible coward in the universe, contrary to the erroneous opinion of subscribers about what
I’m a badass girl. I remember how my knees trembled when I went on American idol,
remember how creepy it was to play the first big solo album Monroe, remember not
could fall asleep before the release of my debut album, “half a person”, remember how scary
had to make a step towards the decision to have a child.
Leaping into the unknown is always scary, but it is the secret steps
which shape us as individuals and professionals, it is the only
true growth point, what we will remember at the end of life.”

Recall that in October last year, Rita Dakota
I first became a mom. She gave birth to a beautiful baby girl, which he called unusual
the name MIA. She honestly tells his fans everything
it is going to make the world of social networks, at least some “Ghost reality”.
Because everyone knows that Instagram and real life is two completely different things
often radically opposed.

So, Dakota admitted that she experienced severe postnatal depression, and
breast stopped feeding, when my daughter was just a baby due to severe
health problems. Now the star shared with followers, over 8 months
after birth were never able to regain the antenatal form. But most of her
colleagues coped with this problem for almost three months!