Rita Dakota spoke about the despair after “American idol”

Рита Дакота заговорила об отчаянии после «Фабрики звезд» The girl went through a difficult period in my life. When Dakota was a member of the popular program, she went through a real stress. The young singer regularly criticized and questioned its ambitions and tours and is knocked Rita out of the rut.

      In late October, the 26-year-old Rita Dakota introduced the first song after seven years of silence. Song artist called “half a person” in a short time he headed the Russian iTunes, and the new video Rita watched nearly two million times. To the loud success of the Dakota were long enough – after taking part in “star Factory”, many expect that she will begin a solo career, but that never happened. In a recent interview with the wife of Vlad Sokolovsky told reporters, why not concentrating on his solo career.

      Rita Dakota showed his “baby”

      “After the “Factory” one and a half years we toured. I can say that it was the most hellish year and a half of my life, for them I have not written a single line. I have wanted to try some drugs, to chip in from the second floor, break his leg and suffer. I really didn’t get anything to squeeze out of himself. In the “Factory” there were moments when I was told that I’m a bad author, I do not sing very well at all and I’m a nobody. I was a little girl, when I was only 17 years old and I had a turning point in life… After the project I just realized that I don’t want to be an artist, and want to write songs for others,” shared Rita Dakota.

      That period was very difficult for the actress. Then her grandfather died, educating Rita is the father. In addition, she suffered from a lack of money, therefore, could not afford to buy musical instrument in order to concentrate on work.

      In the end, Dakota decided to do songwriting for others. She is really quite good, so the former participant of “Factory of stars” has passed a way from the author’s compositions for little-known performers to the professional working with the superstars. By the way, that Dakota wrote the hit for the contestants of “Junior Eurovision” from Russia. In just a few days, the group “Water Of Life Project” will present it to the jury.

      Rita also told the journalists about who convinced her to pursue a solo career. The Dakota prevented the banal lack of confidence in their own abilities. However, the spouse of the singer and composer has always know what his fiancee, and supported her. So Vlad Sokolovsky acted as sound producer of the song “half a person” and helped the woman to make it, said Dakota Life.ru.