Rita Dakota showed the first photo of newborn daughter

Рита Дакота показала первую фотографию новорожденной дочери
The singer published a picture from the hospital.

Рита Дакота показала первую фотографию новорожденной дочери

Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Rita Dakota has published the first picture of her
newborn daughter MIA. The made best friend of the singer on the following
the day after the birth. “My bastard friend made a casual shot, and didn’t even say
to hide just born’s belly Iduna, which is now clearly visible on
picture,” the smiling star.

Rita and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky said that steel
parents a few days after birth and since then its misleading
fans of literally every moment associated with his beloved baby. News
the stars prefer to share on your Youtube channel even showed how MIA came to light.

From the video
which stars have dedicated childbirth, fans learned that Vlad and Rita came in
the hospital the day before. They moved into a private room, they were constantly
Rita’s mom, best friend, Vlad and his good friend. They all supported the Dakota
during fights, making her laugh and not allowed to fall into despair. But best of all
to deal with contractions has helped the singer fitball. She jumped on him and her
became not so painful. Rita, incidentally, is still in hospital, have you talked about the following
childbirth. The artist planned that the second child must appear in
the same hospital and same doctor as her firstborn. “Girls, I swear to you,
this is not advertising, it is the purest of love and squeal with delight! I have all the others
our future fictional children just and similarly, not
changed to any of the nurses or one part in the process and in the environment
nothing at all! Childbirth is space, I went to another planet and back
back with her little girl-alien” — shared Dakota.