Рита Дакота показала, как звездные мамы обманывают доверчивых фанаток
The singer explained how it is possible to immediately return the “wasp waist” after childbirth.

Rita Dakota

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota revealed the secret star moms. The singer demonstrated how she and other young mothers manage to look slim on the next day after delivery.

Dakota made an unexpected confession in order to maintain “normal” mothers who, looking at the pictures of stars who have recently given birth, often fall into depression. Rita calmed their podeschi: she’s still not back in shape. Her “wasp” waist after birth — the result of wearing a corset. Many colleagues of the singer, as it turned out, use this trick.

“Continue the topic of debunking myths about the “perfect Insta mom” and sorrensen? After award of the magazine “OK”, where we took “couple of the year” after performing in the Olympics, I got just some unimaginable number of emails direct with shouts of “What?! It took only a few weeks from birth! Do you even live man?” Answer — Yes, some still alive, and after a couple of weeks from giving birth, I all the same “Idun” like any other girl who had such a huge stomach, and the beginning of the story Rita. — I have no former press cubes (none of immediately after birth, no I don’t Instagram, “a good angle” and filters).

Be alive not ashamed, not ashamed, and zaberemennet sports belly after childbirth is only if the birth went perfectly smoothly and you were soon allowed to exercise… I unfortunately was not, and could you train me not until now. But the trick has not been canceled. I really helps out your favorite corset. This is my personal hack, and for moms and for all girls in General!” (Spelling and punctuation of the author saved. – approx. ed)

Recall that just two months ago, Dakota and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky became parents for the first time. They have a daughter MIA, whose face pair has not yet shown the fans.