Rita Dakota showed himself a “doughnut”

Рита Дакота показала себя «пышечкой» The actress shared with the subscribers of the old images. According to Rita, she was very afraid to lay out such pictures, as they look much bigger than it is now. Fans were surprised to see rare footage of the artist.

      Many thousands army of fans Rita Dakota admired her perfect appearance. The actress shows slim legs and tight stomach in the images from the photo shoots and beach shots. Wife of Vlad Sokolovsky decided to explain to their podeschi that several years ago she, too, had shortcomings. Rita dared to show followers what she looked like.

      “I think every girl is afraid to put their pictures in bold, exactly as pimply, nematology and other damaging its “ideality”. But I’m not afraid anymore of anything. The only thing I want is to try to convey to each of its subscribers will, 99% of which don’t love yourself and your body, to be the best version of myself is very simple, if you start from the head. It is with deep study, with most of this theory. Try to convey to them that no workout not working, exactly like diet, drying, gyms and PP. It is imposed on the modern patterns of the user, driving you even more hell. Try to convey what utter awareness, trust in oneself and intuitive power and movement,” – said Dakota.

      “The photo “before” I didn’t kill myself in the gym and sat on all possible diets in a row (this is, incidentally, a year or two after “American idol”), the photo “after” I don’t go to the gym and not sit on diets. Here’s the irony, right?” – surprised Rita.

      According to the artist, she plans to help other girls deal with the complexes and to learn to get along with your body. Rita takes the position that all problems come from the head. With the help of a psychologist and a nutritionist any woman will every be able to understand why she can’t lose weight.

      Subscribers will Rita was surprised at such changes, what happened to her for several years. Most of the girls supported the position of the artist about what needs to change approach to losing weight. “The absolute truth. But understand that’s not all. And I think that any seminars will not help in this. Must come internally or strong awareness of the situation, which will lead to this understanding”, “just in time. I just can’t get rid of the fear of getting fat from something eaten”, “Long ago she began to notice that listen to the body. This is something to eat, and spend time on diet is not the case,” wrote a follower.

      However, among users of the Network have been detractors who have accused Rita that she used plastic surgery to gain the chiseled cheekbones.

      “You will not believe: and the teeth are the same, and your nose, and all his own! I am the most outspoken opponent of plastic surgery in the world. Just the difference between the photos many, many years. I am very sorry for you if you 26 look the same as a teenage ugly duckling,” he responded to the criticism the artist.