Rita Dakota revealed the secret of his love

Рита Дакота раскрыла тайну своей любви
The pregnant singer shared a valuable experience.

Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, which a few months first
become a mother and shared with fans the reasoning about how important it is to love
itself. According to the artist, she successfully passed this way and advises everyone
to repeat it.

“I believe that all dreams come true, without
exceptions. But if the dream doesn’t come to pass, then not so much
dream! — says the singer. Remember as they say “if you really want, you can
fly into space”? I, for instance,
deeply convinced that the universe to all your requests there are only 3 options
answer: “Yes”, “Yes, but a little later” and “I got you something better.”
No, I don’t judge people who like my
peanut esoteric statements in response, saying all sorts of similar
other things like “that’s easy for you to say, you’re good, but I have”,
after all, I myself was like this, honestly. Hated “all this cruel
unfair world” so sincerely and from the heart, that a year spent with
temperature in a Onesie at home. And then in my life happened love. No, not
a man, with myself, with this world, with the universe, something big”.

Dakota believes that everyone makes their way to the “new
version of yourself”.

“There are a million ways, from psychology and esoterics
to the ordinary and effective exchange rates “personal growth” — philosophizes Rita.
— It is important to look for the positive and the light at the bottom of your heart, even if he
hidden very deeply under layers of resentment, self-pity and discontent to all
around. No matter who or what gives you the right “kick in the ass”,
if this kick even a millimeter will bring you closer to the joy and positivity from
which really needs to be woven “grey everyday reality, full
suffering, responsibility and the struggle for survival”.