Rita Dakota revealed details of the first days of life of the daughter

Рита Дакота поделилась подробностями первых дней жизни дочери
The singer has not yet discharged from the hospital.

Photo: Instagram

Yesterday it became known that Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky, finally became parents. A few days ago in one of elite maternity homes of Moscow, there appeared their daughter, which he called an unusual name MIA.

The couple kept it a happy event from the public, because certainly wanted to share our good news from a page of your YouTube channel. And video still need to mount, to add music… In General, the normal production process, which takes time.

From the video, which stars dedicated to childbirth, fans learned that Vlad and Rita came to the hospital the day before. They moved into a private room, they were constantly Rita’s mom, best friend, Vlad and his good friend. They all supported the Dakota during fights, making her laugh and not allowed to fall into despair. But best of all to deal with contractions has helped the singer fitball. She jumped on him — and it became not so painful.

At the crucial moment — the baby born Rita asked everyone, including Vlad, leave the room. Therefore, all honest company stood at the door and listened to the sounds, waiting for the most important — the first crying of the newborn. Voltage mom Dakota couldn’t cope with tears. Tears and Vlad, when he heard the first cry of his daughter. “I’m a dad!” — enthusiastically and, as if surprised he said.

Now, when Rita finally came to his senses after the birth, she finally shared their first emotions about her daughter and her new status of mother.

“Thank you to everyone who writes, congratulates and sends gifts, she said. — So many of them that we will soon be expelled from the chamber. I promise I will answer you all today, just a little girl constantly on hand and she always wants to eeeeet. Understand someone, huh? So if you need urgent, please call our dad, he is always side by side, and one arm free he is a bit more often! Small sends sleepy kisses. She smells like space and unconditional love!”