Рита Дакота готова заменить Ольгу Бузову
History of divorce Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are gradually eroding and now Rita Dakota claims that would Zagat vacated the vacancy of the victim.

Рита Дакота готова заменить Ольгу Бузову

Rita confidently playing the role, but not broken, and generous women that are willing to forgive. If you believe her “confessions” in the network, within 10 days after the beginning of the public scandal she has managed to pass all the phases of separation and reinvention of your life.

1. She had “deadened his pain with tears, alcohol and cigarettes”
2. She decided to “fight” with all those “disadvantages” which a man can exchange his woman and the mother of his child on a faceless swirl blank similar to each other, “the perfect women”.
3. She had planned as “closed at the gym and the beautician, would make a perfect body, perfect face, perfect hair, perfect wardrobe, I will go even to the grocery store in heels and lace underwear. I wanted so much to he REGRETTED.
4. She had spit on all the above and realized that “now I’m in the process of entering the much more conscious meaningful life. And I thank this way because it happened to me. Sincerely”

Рита Дакота готова заменить Ольгу Бузову

To complement the already vivid picture of a picture of transformation of abandoned and betrayed women, she added, that is, passed through the lactose and the threat of amputatie chest, but still nursed her child.

So, Rita appeared the perfect heroine of cheap romance novels, prompting the sympathy of thousands of women who lost men and now could become their spiritual leader. Well, what makes it worse Buzova, in the end?

Rita seems to be fond of biography, questioning everything. Painfully theatrical everything.

Рита Дакота готова заменить Ольгу Бузову

Well, Vlad Sokolovsky at this time took off his wedding ring, and walks with my daughter, not trying to say something in response.