Rita Dakota published photos where it looks much fuller

Рита Дакота опубликовала снимки, где выглядит гораздо полнее
27-year-old singer and composer Rita Dakota impresses his fans with his chiseled figure.

Рита Дакота опубликовала снимки, где выглядит гораздо полнее

The wife of singer Vlad Sokolovsky often removed in photo shoots, which is her tight stomach and slender legs.

Also in the microblog Dakota photographs from the beaches, where she is depicted in a swimsuit.

Rita decided to share with its subscribers the photos, daring to show that she hasn’t always been so graceful.

“I think every girl is afraid to put their pictures in bold, exactly as pimply, nematology and other damaging its “ideality”. But I’m not afraid anymore of anything. The only thing I want is to try to convey to each of its subscribers will, 99% of which don’t love yourself and your body, to be the best version of myself is very simple, if you start from the head. It is with deep study, with most of this theory. Try to convey to them that no workout not working, exactly like diet, drying, gyms and PP. It is imposed on the modern patterns of the user, driving you even more hell. Try to convey what utter awareness, trust in oneself and intuitive power and movement,” she writes.

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