Rita Dakota promotes natural beauty

Рита Дакота пропагандирует естественную красоту
The singer spoke about the shortcomings of their appearance.

Rita Dakota

Photo: @ritadakota/Instagram

Rita Dakota told
what came to her, finally, wisdom: she got the knowledge that so needed it.

“The Director of my video, which we are completing, suddenly says: “are you aware that we in the installation took almost all of the major
plans with your “off” side of the face, and you adopted”? says Dakota. — (
far from shooting people explain: there are “working”
the way you get on
video and pictures are cool, and the other “non-working”, which don’t you like yourself: nose
it seems the curve, nosogubnye deeper, the eyes smaller, etc.). I’m reviewing the video and
understand what it is. Before I would not put such
frames, and now I myself look beautiful for who I am — with any
side. I accept my nose, my wrinkles and “imperfection”.
It’s like in relationships: you can’t always be “working parties”,
sometimes you’re still alive!

Sometimes you cry, get sick, walking around with dirty
head or in my bra and panties from different sets, your casserole burns,
and the zit on my chin popping up without permission. And you will not stop loving. In his
the clip I’ll play the part, just like in a movie played by actors, but each of my
wrinkle, Irinka, tear, sticking a strand of hair and the “ugly” face
in my emotion, real, native, no
Pestunov and husk. After all, the movie bares a nerve, tearing the mask and leaves you
bare on the square. And our clip-nothing like a little cinema, where everyone will find
something to himself and for himself.”