Rita Dakota plans to move to Bali

Рита Дакота планирует переехать на Бали
The singer is seriously thinking about leaving Russia.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Rita Dakota with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky over a month
vacationing in Bali. This holiday spouses called “winter”: they are every winter
fly to a warm island to
to hide from the gloomy cold of the Russian weather. Rita Dakota realized that
Bali was her native place so that she is not just resting, but a full
living on this island. The singer is seriously thinking about moving to Bali.

is the house of my soul. Some wild thoughts start to attack my head, I even
scary from them, trying to drive. But somehow I know that there will come a time
when are we going to live in Bali. I don’t like the word “forever” for nothing
does not happen forever. But we never “rest” in Bali, — says the singer. — Let a month and a half, but we “lived” on
island, all these years, traditional wintering grounds. They say that all the aliens
ever settled here, share one main thing in common: the lack of
any ambition. But what is your ambition? Success? Money? Thirst for recognition
your values? Or care about the supposed “future”? Why, in the end, we
love to hide behind the words must be/needs to justify his fear of living
just as you want and as finally can?”.

And then Dakota asks a question
my subscribers who live on the island: “Tell us about the day
thought once to move to the beloved earth suddenly took the shape?
Remember this moment?”. And then there were comments that respond to these
questions. A highly recommended follow your dreams and
to move to live in Bali.