Rita Dakota overcome fears of childbirth

Риту Дакоту одолевают страхи перед родами The singer shared his excitement. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky are going to become parents in the near future. For spouses it will be the first child, but because they have some concerns with the changes in life.

Recently it became known that a couple of young musicians Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota waiting for replenishment. The couple shared their joy with their fans, who believe their Union is very harmonious. Graduates of “factory of stars” looking forward to the birth of the first child. Many young women believe that children is a big responsibility, and their education is hard work, Rita has a different opinion. She suggested that the heirs just need to live in love. Nevertheless, the 27-year-old actress raises some fears in connection with the emergence of a new family member.

“Sometimes when I’m in tears calling my mom and saying “MA, well, what of my mother, I can never be like you!” she said to me: “Rita, at first I also didn’t know what to do with you, when you were yelling at night. Rocked you in my arms, and thought to myself, “Oh, please, darling, shut up, shut up, shut up!” But it’s the same as something, nothing, and you will come,” – said Dakota.

The parents are happy that the pregnancy Rita had it for the warm season, but because they do not plan to leave for a delivery in another country. The actress has already chosen a doctor whom I trust and a clinic where the baby will be born.

Despite the fact that the child is not yet born, Vlad and Rita has big plans for his future. Sokolowski admitted that once a child turns two months, the whole family will go to Bali. Unlike many celebrities, the couple do not intend to hide the face of the newborn baby. They want to share with subscribers some tips and recommendations.

“Yes, we don’t want to close the child’s face in the photos online. Because, first, we believe that it is very natural and very cool, and secondly, I hope that we can convince someone not to be afraid to marry and to bear children. We recently decided that we are going to do your blog – such a family channel on YouTube. We will be there to show that there is life after birth,” said Rita in an interview with OK!