Рита Дакота откровенно рассказала об отношениях с мужем Inseparable from the singer Vlad Sokolovsky. Recently the star said calico wedding. Over a year of marriage their relationship has not changed. Rita Dakota thanked the man because he appeared in her life. The girl left a touching dedication to the beloved in his microblog.

      Рита Дакота откровенно рассказала об отношениях с мужем

      About a month ago Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota celebrated the first anniversary of the wedding. The stars were married on 3 June 2015. During married life, they were just happier. Rita and Vlad traveled together, gave concerts and enjoyed every day, when they managed to stay alone with each other. Last weekend, the artists visited the festival of “HEAT”, which was held in Baku. Festival “HEAT” in Baku: the best outfits, spectacular rooms and the delight of the audience

      Rita Dakota received a lot of positive impressions from a trip to Azerbaijan and once again convinced of their strong feelings to the spouse. She posted on Twitter a black and white photo with Vlad and left her a touching signature.

      “God, I love this man. Well, because it is impossible to love! We together the third year, and I’m still in the morning, thank the heavens for the fact that the best people on earth fell in love with me. This is not ideal, strange, broken. Fell in love and took him under the wing. And now it’s different… You’re my everything, husband Vlad Sokolovsky. Today, there’s no “memorable dates”, today, I’m just as happy yesterday. And for that permanent happiness in response you. And as in my song that I wrote after the first night with you, “You are now in me you’re skin deep, it’s coffee milk, coffee milk, we went with you in the morning too far. It’s a coffee-milk,” – wrote on his page on Rita Dakota.

      Subscribers singer was glad for a happy family and wished the musicians to always be happy. “You are just a wonderful couple,” “Let your mad love lasts a lifetime”, “You are one big unit. Stay always so, never throw each other,” wrote the followers of the Dakota.

      By the way, Vlad Sokolovskiy repeatedly admitted that he was long accustomed to the nature of the beloved. According to him, Rita is a girl who is impossible to argue with because it all there own reasoned position. The singer claims that he and his wife are very similar, so it’s easy for them to live together, because marriage should be built on mutual understanding.

      The couple learned to trust each other even in matters relating to the business. Last summer Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky opened his own food truck, which sells unusual and the most delicious burgers. In addition to rolls, in the casino guests can try milkshakes, potatoes, salads, rolls and more.

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