Рита Дакота сделала неожиданное признание любимому мужчине
The singer spoke about the cross to his daughter.

Rita Dakota with his brother Alexander

Rita Dakota very touching confession of love.
But no husband — Vlad Sokolovsky and another man, whom she considers one
of the most important in his life — his beloved brother Alexander. A gentle message for Sasha singer
left in the personal microblog on the occasion of his birthday.

“I’ve never been able to reduce it to fact,
never climbed his words, but now I don’t know how to find the words
to describe all I feel for this man… wrote the star. — Sasha,
I love you so much that sometimes I think in all the past lives we
were Siamese twins, or even as one soul… you Know, I think
it is quite natural for girls not being able for a long time to find a
a decent pair, if you have a whole life a brother: the standard of humanity, of the soul,
mind, kindness, sense of humor, warmth. And you’re just not ready for the lesser, and such
no more. It’s like Vlad, only brother… So probably I’m very happy
people, because I have two soulmate. And now they’re best friends!”

Rita admitted that often her brother in
the family affectionately called San, many take for the brother of her husband, as they
similar in appearance and character. In addition to her daughter, MIA Sasha is not
only family uncle, but also his God daughter.