Rita Dakota limit itself in meal after giving birth

Рита Дакота ограничивает себя в еде после родов The singer less than a month ago became a mother. After the birth of her daughter MIA, Dakota sat on a strict diet. The actress doesn’t allow herself to eat fried, salty, spicy and sweet. Rita complained to the fans that no longer feel the taste of food.

Young parents Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota actively share with fans the news of a newborn daughter, MIA. A recent video for fans, new mother complained on a strict diet. New diet singer exclude from the menu all meals Rita.

In the morning Dakota owsianny eats porridge without sugar. Lunch and dinner only artist with steamed vegetables and boiled chicken. It is worth noting that, even at the family feasts and visiting friends, Rita himself in all the limits.

“The last ten days nothing tastes good to me. You know my love for food. I eat all sorts of tasteless NewConnect”, – shared the singer with the fans.

Dakota also told the fans that he gained weight after the birth. However, the joy of motherhood replaces Rita imperfections in the shape, and husband Vlad is not worried about the extra kilos wife. The singer admitted that the birth of his daughter abruptly changed his life and brought a lot of happiness and joy.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota — one of the most beautiful couples of the Russian show-business. Fans follow the life of the beloved, those, in turn, is constantly delight audiences with new videos that spread in the Network. First, the fans enthusiastically greeted the news about replenishment in star family. Rita in late October gave birth to adorable baby girl MIA. Happy parents arranged in honor of the baby Grand celebration with fairy tale characters in the style of a fairy tale “Alice in Wonderland”.

Sokolowski and Dakota every day, many congratulations with the addition to the family, fans are interested in any aspect associated with a newborn. A young mother regularly shares with subscribers with useful tips, meanwhile, is not leaving work.

For Rita the most difficult was – to leave my daughter with my mom. Even four hours of separation from the baby singer are very hard. Dakota also revealed that MIA was the first photo shoot. Frames with her the actress will share later. While the young parents hide the girl’s face.