Рита Дакота гордится мужем, который стал актером
Vlad Sokolovsky debuts in cinema.

Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota, overflowing with pride for her husband, described how, in
what a great project involved now Vlad Sokolovsky.

“While her husband was filming, sending me backstage as he is sinking in a swamp, and I
miss you, let me here a moment of pride. Want to tell everyone who
know my wonderful husband and best friend only as a musician, how awesome it is
drama actor! Soon the end of shooting a historical film about boyar
Saltykov (all who do not know who this Saltychikha, urgently in Google!), where
Vlad is one of the main roles, along with Yuliya Snigir. And I’m just sinking
hearts are waiting for this premiere, because my husband really outdid yourself!

This is not “to play
himself in the comic soap Opera”, this MOVIE. I’m sure Vlad will be
top a great actor one day, and the baby will sit in evening dresses
in the front row and cheering the next statue in our main world
men. Catch the word, I never in these things is not wrong. Hubby, I
very proud of you! Back from the swamp me soon, let us bathe!”