Рита Дакота переживает личную трагедию из-за вулкана на Бали
The singer burst into tears because of what happened.

Yesterday began a new eruption of the volcano Agung located in Bali. Over the island hung a cloud of volcanic ash and lava have destroyed rice fields and a few buildings. In the way of “fire water” was the temple, which was especially dear to Rita Dakota, and her husband, Vlad Sokolovsky.

In his microblog Dakota showed a video that was previously taken in the same temple. At this point Rita was made innermost dreams, including the birth of a daughter.

“I cried because for me it was the most powerful places of power on earth. The place where we wished for MIA and after a couple of months found out that you’re expecting… a Place that fulfilled all my hidden desires. The place I always returned to meditation. The place where my heart is. I’m sorry guest, I sympathize with all who lost homes, whose rice fields were burned and destroyed elements. In such moments, you realize how insignificant man on nature background” — said Rita.

Photo: @Instagram fadeevmaxim Maxim Fadeev

Interestingly, in Bali located Villa Maxim Fadeev, who is now on the island. The producer doesn’t want to leave the house and hoped that the elements will be favorable to him. “I think I will pass,” — says Maxim his refusal to return to the capital.