Rita Dakota intervened in the scandal with the beating of the wife of the oligarch

Рита Дакота вмешалась в скандал с избиением жены олигарха The singer commented on the situation involving Liza Adamenko. According to Rita, the girl was not involved in the filming of her music video in new York, as she claimed earlier. The wife of Vlad Sokolovsky said that working with another actress.

      On the eve of the Network has a scandal involving 18-year-old model Liza Adamenko. The girl told reporters that her husband, 55-year-old top Manager of LUKOIL, Valentin Ivanov several times beat her. Besides, according to the models, he tore the page in her passport, so she can’t return to Russia.

      18-year-old wife of an oligarch accused him of beating

      According to Adamenko, she separated from her husband in November of last year, but they had to meet at the filming of the clip Rita Dakota in new York, where they were to play happy married couple. The girl claims that the contract with the performer was signed in advance, so it was impossible to refuse.

      Many in the media began to call the Dakota, to clarify the situation. The actress confirmed that indeed makes a video, but it involves another girl. Valentin Ivanov is acting as producer innovations.

      “Here it is, my Chikurachki of a new video appeared today contrary to some articles. No other “women’s roles” in the video is not, respectively. Here in this cast we remove our miracle, and today is the final day of shooting, we added a fine actor (male). I ask the press not to call me anymore on the subject other mythical “characters”, they are not expected and they do not appear in my video works. Well, everyone who is interested not for the scandals and gossip, and my music and creativity – you have no idea what we’re up to and what fire we have a script,” said Rita, laying out the model Catherine.

      At this time, journalists contacted Valentin Ivanov that he explained what was going on. According to the man, Liza Adamenko is suffering a psychological disorder observed by doctors. As stated by a top Manager, she had been prescribed special tablets that in the day when they had fun in the club, she was not accepted. The businessman claims he had a wife was quiet, and outbursts when she did not arise. Ivanov laments that their joint life was so sad and did not understand why the girl wrote a statement to the police.

      “I can’t imagine that in her head. I can’t explain her motivation. This is probably due to the fact that she met another man and thus wants to get rid of me. But I’m very happy with her divorce, because it can not continue,” said the man life.ru.