Rita Dakota hides the birth of a child

Рита Дакота скрывает рождение ребенка
In the network appeared the information that Rita Dakota finally became a mother.

Рита Дакота скрывает рождение ребенка

“Finally”, because it is already within 3 days of Rita every day and several times he confessed to his Instagram that could give birth any minute.

And yesterday, laying out a joint post with her mother and another with the phrase:

“Pregnancy is the space, I can tell you. Do not believe those who says” he’s gone.

Рита Дакота скрывает рождение ребенка

Fans believe that the absence of Rita online exactly means the fact that she’s busy with something and someone more important.

Dakota herself and her husband Vlad Sokolovsky yet information about the child’s birth is not confirmed.

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