Rita Dakota has changed beyond recognition

Рита Дакота изменилась до неузнаваемости
The singer is sure that in a couple of months, her braids are in trend.

Рита Дакота изменилась до неузнаваемости

Rita Dakota

Rita Dakota has executed the old dream — African braided
braids throughout the hair length. The singer immediately published in a personal blog a photo in your new image,
saying all that she was really happy. But then Dakota warned his followers,
these pigtails she braided her specifically for a very important shooting, and how
soon all will film, she immediately their untwining.

Rita Dakota

Many subscribers have become
to criticize the new image of the singer, but Dakota found the words to explain changes in their appearance.
“I remember 4 years ago I found at a flea market the first Fanny pack.
Painted it and riveted. And when I started to wear, all began to laugh: “You are like the conductor of a tram, as this vegetable vendor in the market.” And six months later
these bags were presented at the LV
then on the pages of street-fashion bloggers and then in mass market. Then 2 years
ago at the birthday party of my punk band MONROE I went to the chokers on
the neck, acted in them on a poster with my gang and acted on “Invasion” and “Dobrofest”
and “Kuban”. And all bellow: “You’re like the eighth-grader from the nineties!” And
what now? The chokers Banat all! All the ladies chase in colorful chokers, and
anyone now on this topic is not a Troll, ” says Dakota. Today hundreds of pals laughing over my
braids. But nothing, even a couple months all will go in the same
spits, mark my words. You first discuss, and then you copy my style,
so I don’t even pay attention to your angry comments, all going to plan
many times it was. You watch.”

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