Rita Dakota got on the trail of debauchery

Рита Дакота встала на тропу разврата The artist has intrigued fans Frank the. Girl posing on bright pictures Topless. Fans admire the perfect figure of Rita and wonder how her husband allows her to spread these images.

      Рита Дакота встала на тропу разврата

      Singer Rita Dakota recently returned from the USA where she worked on a new clip. Judging by the bright pictures, the artist had not only to work hard but also to relax. The star enjoyed a stroll around new York city and tried the local delicacies. However, unhealthy American food had no effect on the figure of Rita. New frame in her microblog proves that the singer is in great shape.

      The picture shows Dakota posing Topless. The girl turned away from the photographer and took such a position so as not to expose my Breasts in public. But the followers of celebrities were able to appreciate the numerous tattoos that decorate her arms and back.

      Some users of the social network thought that these candid shots may not like her husband Vlad Sokolovsky. “Wow, supersarko as you only my husband is not jealous, it needs to be stressed,” said one of podeschi Rita.

      As recognized by Dakota, she manages to stay so slim and graceful simply because it has developed for himself a comfortable power supply system. Last weekend, the artist organized a meeting with the girls who dream to get rid of extra pounds and gain confidence. The project participants will understand how to listen to your body and not to berate yourself for nothing. Subscribers will tell their stories and try to follow the rules set by Rita and her childhood friend, Xenia.

      “The only way a happy and fulfilling life is to understand yourself, to accept and make friends with your body. To command, to rule, to deprive a dead end road. Every day we are learning to build with your body dialogue, learn to understand, respect and hear,” – such recommendations spelled out in a group of like-minded girls.

      Several years ago, Dakota went all the way. She tried to limit yourself in food, to exercise to the pain in the muscles and count calories. But then nothing helped.

      Rita Dakota showed himself a “doughnut”

      “I don’t understand why all skinny and perfect and I can not find the body of the dreams? What’s wrong with me? And then the childhood friend, who drew me in the sand theory without suffering, self-flagellation and constant feeling greasy. Easy, positive, based on love of yourself, to the world, to body, to delicious food, to move in joy, to sport…” – said Rita, trying to motivate the girls.