Рита Дакота простила неверного супруга Влада Соколовского
That former spouses are ready to make up say friends of the couple. If before Rita Dakota hard to throw mud at Vlad, trying to make himself a victim, now she changed the temper justice with mercy.

Рита Дакота простила неверного супруга Влада Соколовского

“Yeah, the guys started to build relationships. Of course, nobody will forget the unpleasant details of their family life, the residue remained, especially in the Dakotas, but both try to move on… do not Communicate as husband and wife, and badass, almost like brother and sister. Although, for example, spending time with her daughter still prefer individually. I am glad that Rita does not seek to run away from home when he comes baby”

– tell project StarHit acquaintances former spouses.

Recall that last week Rita and Vlad officially completed the process of division of property.

“The necessary documents are signed, all decided in a peaceful way. Agreed that Moscow shared apartment will go to her daughter MIA!”

summed up Kate Gordon, which was engaged in the process of Rita.

Well, now waiting for a gentle hug guys over some transmission type “Tonight”, and the recognition that, despite the past, they are still two loving each other person, and most importantly the parents of a daughter. Enjoy and finish watching this series.

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