Rita Dakota fighting off the suitors in traffic

Рита Дакота отбивается от ухажеров в пробках The singer helps a wedding ring on his finger. Rita Dakota thanks to the decoration avoids too Intrusive for young people who eager to please a girl. Now, almost a year she’s married to singer Vlad Sokolovsky.

      Рита Дакота отбивается от ухажеров в пробках

      Almost a year ago, the third of June, the young actors, graduates of “factory of stars-7” Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky played a beautiful wedding. Among the invited guests were relatives of the bride and groom and many friends, colleagues, musicians and many stars of domestic show-business. The celebration was really gorgeous, and the feast lasted for several days.

      Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota married again

      But as it turned out, the ring on the ring finger of the young singer often helps her in ambiguous situations. So, she uses it to scare off too assertive young people, who dream to please a girl. Most often this happens when Rita is driving.

      “I sometimes cut brave men in the vain attempt to get to know. But I try not to show aggression. Just show in the window, a hand with a ring on the ring finger – and good luck,” – said Dakota.

      Now Rita and Vlad is absolutely happy in marriage. Together they opened the business – Burger in the center of the capital, where everyone can try a variety of dishes. Young people tried to make every effort to fulfill the dream of your own business and now pleased with the result.

      Also, the couple travel a lot together. Immediately after marriage they went to Greece, where for two weeks enjoyed the stay in Santorini. Not so long ago Rita and Vlad vacationing in Bali, where in a joint photo shoot was able to demonstrate all the passion against each other. On all pictures, the pair looked very happy, and once again proved that their feelings after marriage is not faded. They are still in love with each other, though are familiar for a long time – since the days of participation in the project “Factory of stars-7”. And fans do not get tired to admire the harmonious relationship of Rita and Vlad and be happy for their idols.

      Despite the widespread belief that for true feelings and a happy family life do not have to have a stamp in the passport, Sokolovsky your opinion on this matter.

      “They say there is no difference in how married people or just living together. It seems like in addition a stamp in the passport changes nothing. But it’s not. The stamp gives some inner strength, and though doubtful, but still guarantee that people will not be able to just take the bag and disappear” – says the singer in an interview with “OK”.

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