Рита Дакота будоражит фанатов жаркими фото The wife of Vlad Sokolovsky demonstrates the dignity of the figure. Subscribers microblog singer love her body and manners to present herself. Candid photos Rita Dakota in bikinis gather a large number of likes and comments online.

      The graduate of “factory of stars-7” Rita Dakota along with her husband Vlad Sokolovsky went to Greece on vacation. Fans know that the musical couple loves to travel and often flies to different countries. However, Greece has become the new place for a couple, and they are happy to have discovered the natural beauty of the country on the Balkan Peninsula. Apparently, the voyage of the artists is great – Rita is sharing with fans numerous photographs, mostly in swimsuit and demonstrates all the charm of the figure, and also talks about his time abroad.

      “A place where even the smell of dawn as well. And the sun is a huge orange pancake in half the sky, paint the clouds in all the colors of the rainbow at the same time, a slight gradient. I always applaud the sun in the moment when it really dives into the perfect turquoise sea. There are delicious home from your Italian grandmother, quietly as a child in a hammock at the cottage and for some reason I always smile like an idiot, make compliments to strangers and walk a lot. Here meditiruet, read, want to exercise and get up early, to write new music and come up with plans for life. Thank you, beloved Greece,” wrote Rita.

      However, attention is not attracted to the scenic area of Greece. Hot photos in a bikini that Rita puts in microblogging, cause a real stir among fans. Pictures instantly gather a large number of “likes” and comments, the followers do not get tired of complimenting the celebrity.

      “Here it is – the natural beauty, Amazing Rita, cool photo!”, “Figure of fire. Umnichka”, “Babe! Inspires me always!” – once again admired the fans of the toned figure of the artist.

      In the winter, Rita, Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky vacationing in Bali, where we had a hot joint photo shoot. The couple did not hesitate to put my feelings out there and show passion to each other. Fans are happy for young people who for a long time maintain a reverent attitude. Little more than a year ago graduates “Factories of stars” played a big wedding after seven years of Dating. Sokolowski and Dakota gave a hot photo shoot in Bali

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