Rita Dakota congratulations on the second pregnancy

Риту Дакоту поздравляют со второй беременностью
The singer has hinted to fans that once again is expecting a child.

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota first became a mother last fall. The singer gave his beloved husband, Vlad Sokolovsky, beautiful baby girl, which he called unusual, but has already become a popular name MIA. Even before the birth of a daughter and Rita and Vlad spoke to all: “We will prove that being young parents is not to sit at home. We will work to travel…” And they did it!

Immediately after the New year in a big friendly company of their friends and parents, the musicians flew to winter in Bali. Maybe it was not all plain sailing: the volcano, the theft, some natural disaster, but they managed. He returned to Moscow in the spring and immediately took hard work. Guys have paid the mortgage that he took for 20 years, although it’s only been two years… In General. well done!

Recently Dakota was extremely intrigued by their fans. The girl published on her personal blog about a very delicate photo and signed: “I Want to remember myself like this. Happened to me wonders. I’ll tell you all about it. While I want to warm up inside myself.”

The comments of the post people left not much, but every second has decided that Rita hints that soon again become a mother. Indeed, but what other thoughts come after the words “wonders” and “inside”?

However, it has been almost three days. and comments from the Dakota never came. But members have already begun to congratulate her on her pregnancy.

True or not, time will tell. At least Rita promised to tell soon. By the way, my first pregnancy she has been hiding for a long time — yet was able to hide the stomach.