Rita Dakota condemned Agatha muceniece

Рита Дакота осудила Агату Муцениеце Wife of Vlad Sokolovsky made accusations against the actress and TV presenter. According to Rita Dakota, Agata muceniece misbehaving, knowing other star moms in imitation of her. The singer turned to his wife Paul Priluchnogo in social networks.
Рита Дакота осудила Агату Муцениеце

Recently Agata muceniece, which became the leading new season of the show “the Voice. Children”, gave an interview in which he spoke about family life. Among other things, the actress expressed indignation at the fact that after she named her daughter MIA, she began to repeat the other.

Singer and composer Rita Dakota, became a mother in October last year, got acquainted with the magazine in which there was a conversation with muceniece. The artist came to the conclusion that Agatha hinted her and Polina Gagarina, who called the daughters name is MIA. According to Dakota, muceniece claims are groundless. Rita has published a response to the actress in the stories section of his Instagram. As suggested by the wife of Vlad Sokolovsky, she has done nothing wrong, and the presenter should calm down and stop such arguments.

Рита Дакота осудила Агату Муцениеце

After the post Rita’s Dakota Agatha muceniece called journalists to comment on the words of the singer. The actress said that is not going to comment on the statements of the wife of Vlad Sokolovsky.

“First, there is no “situation” not! And to answer the taunts, I will not, for so do all the smart and cool Baltic women! I always like to consider themselves such. I will believe in the adequacy of others, and of journalists in particular, because I have you ran out of batteries! It’s all some kind of kindergarten, which I no longer wish to be distracted, because I have lots to do! Thank you all for understanding! I hope this issue is resolved.” – shared muceniece on Instagram.

Users of social networks reacted differently to the dispute Agatha and Rita. Each star mom found both supporters and critics. Some reported that they called a daughter name MIA. There were those who decided that muceniece joked, and Dakota took her statement.

Earlier, Agatha had already commented on the return of fashion to Miy. In October last year, the actress published a post in Instagram, which posted the scene from the cartoon, showing her emotions. “My reaction to the fact that all around began to call daughters name is MIA. I’m sure for all the # hashtag #mammamia,” wrote muceniece.

Then the post Agatha provoked heated debate on the Network. According to some fans of the actress, a fashion for this name is not related to her daughter. “Spearheaded on something, we begin to see it everywhere,” “don’t be surprised if soon there will be the same Miy, how much Olya, Yulia, Katya and Mash”, “the happiness of your family, and everything else is nonsense” “I know a lot of Miy, why repeat that there are no other names?”, “As you wish, and call,” – commented on the Internet. At the same time, many have come to the conclusion that muceniece joke, and someone just did not understand her humor.

Agata muceniece gave birth to a daughter in March 2016. Charming MIA was the second child of the actress and her husband Paul Priluchnogo. The eldest heir of a pair of Timothy, who recently turned five years old, impatiently waiting for the little light. Being in an interesting position, Agata gained about 17 pounds. Star liked food, so after completion of the family sat on a diet.