Rita Dakota comes off at full speed in anticipation of the baby

Рита Дакота отрывается на полную катушку в ожидании малыша The expectant mother does not limit himself to anything. She is boycotting superstitions, and listens only to the advice of doctors. Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky for the first time will become parents this autumn.

Last week it became known that Vlad Sokolovsky and Rita Dakota are waiting for the firstborn. The baby will be born this fall. The couple has not yet announced what sex is their child. Despite the fact that after the news of pregnancy, women sometimes change their behavior, the actress admits that she is not going to abandon the habitual rhythm of life. Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky was found with the baby on the ultrasound

“In anticipation of questions: Yes, I wear heels, raise up your hands, paint the hair and nails gel Polish, delicious drink expensive wine on holidays, eat carpaccio, which they all resented, I travel a lot, have sex, dance, laugh and live, and what you want, my beautiful girls! Of course, if your doctor all of the above you are allowed as me,” said Rita.

Fans of the singer supported her and noted that many moms do not deny yourself the pleasure, if it does not harm the future baby. “Rita, right, if the pregnancy is well, everything is possible! A healthy baby you”, “that’s Right, Rita, pregnancy is not a disease!”, “If pregnancy is not problematic, and one can live in this period a full life! Ritulya, your baby’s health and you” wished members of the artist.

However, the graduate of “factory of stars” admitted that it was difficult to find clothes as soon as her rounded tummy. She told me that she sometimes takes men and things of the smallest size.

“With clothes and shoes for pregnant women, it was said, a complete disaster. I was suspicious but didn’t expect to this extent. Don’t know where stylish American moms “Instagram” taking all this bomber gear, but I do wear oversize mass marketasia, something from men S approx. On shoes: comfortable heels – high Jeffrey and cool boots (I have three pairs summer thin), when the feet swell,” shared Rita Dakota.

Rita Dakota admits that she was a little scared before the birth. In an interview, she admitted that she is very worried about how she will become a mother and how to raise children. Despite the fact that some celebrities prefer to leave for a delivery abroad, the couple decided to remain in Moscow.