Rita Dakota chose a trendy name for my daughter

Рита Дакота выбрала модное имя для дочки The expectant mother shared details about the upcoming replenishment in the family. Vlad and Dakota told the users of the Network that initially they were expecting a boy. However, the last ultrasound revealed that the couple are having a girl.
Рита Дакота выбрала модное имя для дочки

Singer Vlad Sokolovsky and his wife Rita Dakota told followers on his YouTube channel that will soon be the parents of the girl will be called MIA. Now the star mom is on the 37th week of pregnancy. The pair were trying to guess what sex will be born. The lovers noted that most of the things for the baby bought in the “boyish” color, and also designed the nursery in shades of blue. They even came up with the name of future heir – Max.

However, they did not saddened by the news that they will become the parents of girls. Vlad has told fans that almost all his friends raising daughters. Dakota noted that the name MIA in our days spread out, but they chose him. By the way, that was the name of my daughter Polina Gagarina, born this spring.

Recall that Rita hid for a long time an interesting position, trying to carry bulk outfits. Only in the middle of the pregnancy, the singer starred in a photo shoot for a glossy magazine and showed rounded tummy.