Rita Dakota became a mother

Рита Дакота стала мамой The singer shared the happy news with his fans. She told me that she had baptized the daughter of a close friend. The sacrament took place on the eve before Christmas in one of the temples of Moscow.

      Rita Dakota posted a touching photo on Facebook page. The picture shows her close friend, model and presenter Maria Anokhina heir to Alicia. The singer told fans that 6 January was the godmother of the child. The girl did not hide emotions and shared the joy with their followers.

      Rita Dakota dreams of children

      The artist promised to be a caring godmother. It is obvious that the celebrity will make every effort to meet the expectations of a friend. Because now she is also responsible for Alicia.

      “This year, a special Christmas was released. My alisha, I will try to be the best godmother and always cover up in front of our beloved mother-Senukai. I am now a godfather!” – enthusiastically wrote to Dakota on the Network.

      Maria Anokhina published a similar picture in Instagram. She didn’t forget to write a few words to the friends and thanked Rita that she agreed to become godmother of her baby. Anokhin admitted in microblogging, worried about how will take place the ceremony itself. She managed several times to attend such events. However, as noted by the presenter, she is remembered not with the best hand. As it turned out, Maria still was pleased with everything.

      “Very worried how everything will go. Was a witness when the baptism was like a line of screaming children and priests with glass indifferent glance, but, thank God, everything was easy, fast, and nearby only the closest,” – said the TV presenter followers. Alicia’s mother also wrote that after such an important event, they went to a Burger place, where a festive lunch.

      Visit Rita’s of Dakota’s followers were quick to congratulate her. Many have written that they themselves are the godparents. Someone said, Someone said that the Ordinance as an important step in the life of the family, like a wedding. Followers of Rita noted that the eve before Christmas is the best time for the christening. “Well done, straight into a beautiful day. What could be better?”, “Pozdravliaiu already had two moms with this event! Health to you all, especially baby”, “Wonderful event in the life of every family. To be a godfather – responsibly,” – left comments subscribers Dakota in the microblog in Instagram.