Рита Дакота и Влад Соколовский раскрыли рецепт семейного счастья
The singer spoke about how she is the perfect relationship.

Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky

Photo: Instagram

Rita Dakota no secret that often faces
envy from colleagues and admirers: her Alliance with Vlad Sokolovsky
really like “written off” from a beautiful Italian movie. In one of the
recent posts in Instagram
admitted that does not understand why people so closely and with such distrust
looking at their happiness.

“People are not able to be happy without a relationship,
will not be happy with them. It’s the law — says Dakota. — When we
asked how you managed to build the family “Board visualization” ,
we always lost. P because, in truth, nothing we do not “build”, we
just lived as they felt and how they wanted. And I always find it funny to read smart
comments like “you first lived in marriage 20 years, children grow,
can last without cheating, disorders, parting, and then we’ll talk”, because it is
nonsense. I don’t want to “stick”, it’s awful. And marriage treated in this way

We don’t “chose each other once and for life” to
the sake of some exemplary standards “to survive” or how you like it
to say, we consciously choose each other every day, every new morning,
over and over again. Again. And if you’re lucky, and 80 once again we Wake up together and
we choose each other, until one of us dies of old age first. Relationship
have meaning only when they are in joy and willingly, in freedom
choice, in any other, neither I nor Vlad don’t believe. We live by the motto “win
whoever was your trip”, in the end, we only have one life in this
incarnation, and there is no rehearsal before the real life, how many
treat their. This is the life, the one which is now. Live it in a rush
and on his own script, spit on the opinions of all around!”