Rita Dakota amazed by the comments of the fans

Рита Дакота поражена комментариями поклонников
The participants of the popular project “star Factory” Rita Dakota and Vlad Sokolovsky happily married to each other.

Рита Дакота поражена комментариями поклонников

Soon the couple have a baby. But Rita being pregnant decided not to change the habitual way of life and continues to hang out with friends.

“Moved to Budva, close to Tusa. The beach, by the way, there’s much worse and colder sea, but who cares when the company is perfect, and we know such places,” – said followers Dakota.

But fans were outraged by the fact that even pregnancy is not caused the singer to change the pace of life and less fun.

Rita could not remain silent and answered the envious: “While pregnant, in your opinion, you can not hang out with friends and husband? Or do I now just “closer to the sanatoriums for the elderly” or better yet “closer to the cemetery,” God forgive me?”

Really Rita and Vlad often travel, are eternally on the move, all the same, a pregnant woman should first think about the future baby.

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