Rita Dakota again and again Well this time between the singer and her boyfriend?

Rita Dakota again and again The life of Rita Dakota develops according to a very interesting scenario and it is difficult to say what will happen to her next.

Rita Dakota again and again

At first, Rita told on every corner how wonderful Vlad Sokolovsky and how happy she is that they are together.

Rita Dako she

Then, with redoubled energy, Rita told what a scoundrel Vlad was, how he cheated on her at every opportunity and how he ruined her life, bringing it to the last line.

Then a new love came, and a little later, the now fashionable “consciousness” arrived.Rita not only reconciled with Vlad and became friends with their families, but there was clearly a joint commercial interest in holding a marathon about love, forgiveness, overcoming, and so on Read more: 1 2 3 next →

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