Rita Dakota advance celebrated the birth of a child

Рита Дакота заранее отпраздновала рождение ребенка
Friend gave the singer a party in style baby shower.

Dakota with friends

Photo: @ritadakota Instagram

Rita Dakota paid tribute to the modern trends: the singer had a lot of fun at the baby shower party on the occasion of the birth of her future first-born. The fashion for such events held on the eve of childbirth came to Russia from the West, which has long been the practice such holidays. Party to celebrate the birth of a baby is held in advance as well as after birth the hero of the occasion is likely to be not up to the guests collection.

To congratulate the mother came the closest friend Dakota, including ex-wife Gufa and now a businesswoman, ISA Anokhin. An integral part of a baby shower are the gifts. Rita got so many of them that I started worrying about how they’ll fit everything in the car? “This sudden baby shower. Thank you, my favorite! The coolest evening you gave me, it now remains to put all the gifts in the car!” — thanked the friends for the surprise artist. By the way, fans have noticed that the majority of gifts for Dakota was Packed in a blue box. From this it was concluded that Rita is probably waiting boy.

Dakota also does not want to talk about who is under the heart: a boy or a girl? But that’s not stopping fans and they keep trying to declassify the floor. “In the meantime, continue to read your assumptions and laughing! Just what “methods” to determine the sex, some have not! And in the degree of “openseti” my nose, and at (attention) changed the pigment of the hair (how?), and even someone “friend is a fortune teller said absolutely, and she’s never wrong.” And twins and triplets were in the options. And on the word he was trying to catch (“Oh, small fry — so girl”, “baby — it means exactly the kid!”). In General, the club mini-Sherlock. Thanks for the mood, for participation and for the fact that you are close to such a cool period in our lives,” wrote recently of Rita in the microblog.