Rita Agibalova threw for my son this

Рита Агибалова закатила для сына шикарный праздник Charming Mitya was seven years old. For this reason his family decided to organize a bright party. It was held in a popular Metropolitan institutions. Holiday MITI called for Ksenia Borodina, Elena Bushina, Kate Susan, and many others.

      December 15 in Moscow held a party to celebrate his son’s birthday Margarita Agibalova MITI. A charming boy was seven years old. At a party thrown in one of the capital’s bars, was attended by Ksenia Borodina, Elena Bushina, Olga Gazhienko, Irina Agibalova and Kate Susan with her lover Oleg Vinnik. Guests of Margarita having fun taking pictures with each other, happy little birthday boy and wished him all the best.

      The event program was very intense. Mitya and his friends came in great joy from the electric show arranged by the organizers of the festival. And visiting entertainers dressed in colorful costumes, strongly entertained the young guests and arranged funny competitions. “Children’s birthdays are always the best. Us moms, fun. It is an occasion to meet and chat” – shared Ksenia Borodina in his microblog.

      Guests stars “House-2” literally showered gifts upon her heir gift. The birthday boy was very pleased with such a large number of toys and other things, cute children’s heart. “Mitose lucky!.. And in two weeks the New year, and again lots of gifts” – this post made Irina Agibalova in his microblog.

      Margarita Agibalova thanked everyone who attended the party for her son.

      “Thank you very much for the congratulations, that came and shared with us our celebration. It was very fun, soulful and at home,” wrote the happy mom in social networks

      Recall that Mitya was born 15 December 2009 and was the first baby that appeared on the project “Dom-2”. Margarita Agibalova gave the son of his Cousin Eugene, the former at that time her husband. Marriage stars telestroke broke up in 2011. The young woman managed to recover after a divorce thanks to the support of the closest people – mother and sisters.

      In September of this year the charming mitia went to school. On this auspicious day his parents decided to reunite and were present at the solemn meeting. “I remember his first word, his first step, his first smile. Today I will remember to the end! My son, Kuzin, Dmitriy, went in 1 “And” class” – shared Agibalova in social networks.