“Risk zone”: which zodiac signs are exposed to the pernicious habits

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам Virgo can not be afraid for yourself, but some should avoid the temptations of the party. Many recognize the addiction and trying to overcome it. However, some can not do without the help of loved ones and professionals.
«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

Each zodiac sign has its own characteristics that affect the lifestyle and character of the person. People born in a certain period of years, are more vulnerable to certain dependencies, because the individuality of each location of the stars directly affects the personality. Of course, much depends on the social environment and upbringing in the family. But the perception of situations and difficulties of Capricorn and, say, the Lion will be completely different. Therefore the astrologer, psychologist and parapsychologist Sergei lang has made a rating of the zodiac signs that are most exposed to the destructive habits.

12 – Virgo

Virgo are antiliberal in the rankings. Representatives of this sign are the least susceptible to the influence of bad habits. Virgo love themselves, so deliberately to harm your health will not. They can easily try a cigarette, but do not become a chain smoker. They also have a well developed sense of a measure of alcohol consumption. Actor Valery Nikolaev realized that spoil your life and the surrounding people because of a dependency. This idea helped her to cope with a bad habit.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

11 – Scorpio

The representatives of this sign are very well-developed self-control. Because among them very rare to find alcoholics, which is not about Smoking – it is their weakness. The fact that Scorpios are very emotional people who need to relieve stress, and because the cigarette often for them the best means. For many years Lolita no secret of his addiction to nicotine.

10th place – Taurus

Taurus is a leader in the life and workaholic. In his mind there is little room for bad thoughts. However, this sign loves company – it does not have long to persuade to come to the party, and even Vice versa. Unfortunately, this craving for entertainment ends not in the best way a Taurus can go on a Bender for two days. But I never miss work, why would they at any cost. Singer Alex talked about the fact that he suffered from alcohol dependence, but it did not affect his career.

9th place – Libra

Libra really justifies its name. They will think twice before try to smoke or drink a glass of wine. They weigh all the “pros” and “cons”. For example, if you know that tomorrow to get up for work or they have a weak heart, that will never self-harm. Although if a person of this sign life’s difficulties, depression, then nothing can stop him. Actor “of the Quaternary And” Alexander Demidov addicted to alcohol because of the failure in his personal life. Some time later, after the marriage with the second wife he had ceased to feel the support and love of his wife, and therefore found solace in alcoholic beverages. However, it did not affect his career, and he is now happy with third wife Margaret.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

8th place – Capricorn

This is a creative person, wonderful family men and responsible employees. They clearly understand what they want to achieve in life. But Capricorns have one weakness – they are very painfully react, when they are not valued. In this case, people born under this zodiac sign can suffer from depression, and at this moment very easy to binge. Star of the TV series “Streets of broken lanterns” Alexander Polovtsev was able to give up alcohol dependence the promise to his wife. It seemed to him that he can stop at any time, but it never happened.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

7th place – Fish

This sign is constantly a change of mood. People with unstable emotional background of the subject as Smoking and alcoholism. Fish is very familiar and easy to persuade to try something new, even if it is harmful to health. Representatives of this sign need to be careful to alcohol. Nikolay Rastorguev smokes for many years. Moreover, the musician admitted that he did not intend to quit the habit.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

6th place – Gemini

Gemini can safely lead a double life. For example, to be respected at work. But at the same time 2-3 times a year to go in protracted binges. The twins need to constantly stimulate new ideas, they don’t like the monotony, otherwise, be forced to find new emotions, often not the best way. Last year mom Dana Borisova told about her devastating addiction. Now out of rehab in Thailand, the TV presenter is fighting for the right to raise a daughter Pauline, without which he sees no meaning in life.

5th place – Leo

Unfortunately, Lion can not be attributed to heavy drinkers. They often suffer from alcohol dependence, and are difficult to treat. If Leo smokes, no one will be able to persuade him to give up. In addition, these people are very sociable, and for the company they will gladly accept a drink, even if it is impossible. Singer pink admits that once liked to drink, and even make some illegal drugs. But now he cherishes the fact that free of addiction and helps other people cope with the temptations – opened the clinic, staffed by appropriate professionals.

4th place – Sagittarius

They are trying to be leaders everywhere. It is the representatives of this sign the first of the class starts to smoke and hit on this friends. They like to look for a new experience and hard to resist temptations. Archers, unfortunately, often become alcoholics. However, a leading Yuri Nikolaev, although he admitted that he abused alcohol but was able to overcome this weakness.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

3rd place – Aquarius

This is a very gullible and emotional people. In their life frequent stress, they regularly blame for the existing problems themselves. Aquarians are vulnerable to alcoholism and gambling. But if they have a strong family and a job, they will appreciate what you have, and avoid temptations. Actor Alexey Nilov tried to overcome alcohol addiction. Just for the sake of the third wife Helena, he was forced to renounce alcoholic beverages.

«Зона риска»: какие знаки зодиака подвержены пагубным привычкам

2nd place – Cancer

The representatives of this zodiac sign it is susceptible to alcoholism. The problem is that Cancer is difficult to find the motivation, he often loses everything he has in life. In this situation, people do the steps backwards that completely negate life. Cancers love to drink, and they do not need to do so. They can sit with a glass all alone is the worst. The comedian of “a curve mirror” Alexander Morozov has recently confessed to drug addiction. He talked about how that felt permissiveness, and therefore couldn’t control myself.

1st place – Aries

Aries are the leaders in this list. They are very stubborn people, and if you start to drink, no one can stop them. The representatives of this zodiac sign do not want to be treated and do not recognize themselves as sick. They think that they themselves at any moment can stop. Actor Vadim Andreev told me that addicted to alcohol in his youth, after a tremendous success in his career. To save him could only wife Galina – she had to go to the trick and saying that ordinary vitamins actually cause a terrible reaction after drinking alcohol.