Ringo Starr went to rehab before the tour

Ринго Старр отправился в рехаб перед турне

One of the musicians of the group “Beatles” Ringo Starr was in a specialized clinic, where he was going to get rid of alcohol addiction on the eve of his fall tour. This was told by an insider close to the actor.

76-year-old musician chose the program over several weeks of clinic stay, because soon will start his tour with All-Starr Band.
Ringo himself had wanted to go to rehab. He’s been drinking and constantly going through how not to fall out of the trailer. This is one of his greatest fears. Drug and alcohol temptation constantly haunt him. He just wants to be sure that unhappiness with him will not happen” — said the insider.
Eyewitnesses claim that on August 23, Starr saw at the AA meeting. He looked a “totally lost” as in the days when The Beatles broke up. Then, according to the confessions of the artist, he was so devastated and distraught that the only salvation seen in alcohol.
“I didn’t see myself in any other group, and I wanted to forget, to escape from reality and all this pressure..
Since then, I have written a lot of good things, but he did it drunk just because I’m an alcoholic. It seemed to me that after a few glasses life becomes more fun. The problem is that several glasses was too much” he said.
Ringo realized the problem when he realized that his body demanded a drink every 40 minutes.
“I didn’t know where I was and what I was doing. I know that this problem I have for many years and she plays cruel tricks with my mind” — he said once in an interview. He first went for treatment in 1988. Then he chose the Sierra Tucson rehab clinic in Arizona.
“I arrived at the clinic in a totally deranged state. The day before I drank a lot, drank on the plane. Honestly, I don’t even remember how I got to the clinic, and only on the eighth day of stay, I said I need help. I realized that sick,” he told Starr.
Since then a lot has changed. Ringo became a vegetarian and seeks solace in the music, not the booze, but the alcohol seemed pursues him, and Starr again began to notice that he was returning to his old life.
“He’s hoping rehab will help him once again become sober and resistant to temptation. And ensures that from the trailer it doesn’t fall out” — said the insider.