Rina Grishina showed his secret talisman

Рина Гришина показала свой тайный талисман
Star of TV series “Hotel Eleon” and “the Policeman with the ruble” has unveiled the someone travels around the world.

Rina Grishina

Photo: Instagram

Star of TV series “Hotel Eleon” and “Policeman with
The ruble,” Rina Grishina, who recently returned from the amazing trip
in Italy, spoke about his faithful companion. It turned out, he accompanied her
only on this trip, but is the company in voyages around the world.

“In childhood, we all had some secret symbols and talismans. Then
gradually, many
of us have ceased to believe in them, becoming “adults” and wildly “serious” —
says the actress in the microblog. One beautiful Sunny day I
appeared Festic, my meded-traveler who had been with me in the
different corners of the earth. Many may think that I’m a little crazy, but
guys, the actors do not quite normal people! The person with normal mentality
principle can not be an actor (laughs). I already have a response to comments
such as: “Yes, you just have the baby”, “30 years, and all with a toy walking”. But
I will not destroy the harmony of your Instagram look for the answer in the replica of Alice
Rybkina (heroine Rina in the third season of “the COP with the ruble” — approx.), have
there is a lot of fun answering these questions!”

After returning from Italy, the actress admits she
fell in love with Rome forever.

“I want to remember
Roman atmosphere, keep this feeling for a long time, — says Grishin. — Photos
I’m afraid this will not be enough. Hope that helps movies. I collected those where
the action takes place in the Eternal City. Going to watch or review… To a new meeting with a magnificent Rome. “Eat,
pray, love” (as Julia Roberts there, ate delicious pasta, now I just
understand!), “Roman holiday” (I will reconsider with new eyes), “Great
beauty” (the other side of the city), “Sweet life”, “Rome”, “Dear diary”,
“Rome, open city”, “Bicycle thieves”. The last two, of course, is
another Rome, but I think it will only help him to feel better”.