Rina Grishina secretly married

Рина Гришина тайно вышла замуж
The star of the show “Hotel Eleon” admitted that she has a husband.

Photo: STS

About my personal life this petite beauty actress is not known virtually nothing. Rina Grishina — smiling, open and very active in social media, protect their personal space is not worse than the stars of world renown. In her Instagram — not a single photo with a loved one. The fans don’t even know his name, although she admitted that the love of her life, of course, present.

Yesterday, the actress was intrigued by the community your new photo. The girl published a picture in a very sexual way and signed it: “My husband likes this photo!”

“You have a husband?!” — immediately responded to the fans. By the way, among the surprised was and real friends Rina.

“You got married, and I still have not congratulated you? Congratulations and very happy!” — wrote a friend Grishina named Ksenia.

“Thank you!” — modestly replied Rina.

However, all other questions were left unanswered. But the fans have a version that husband of the actress could be Philip Pale, a colleague on the series “Hotel Eleon”. Another option is a comedian “Stand Up” on TNT MAKS Ponomarev became the mother tongue of Rina Saint Petersburg (the girl lived in the Northern capital of 13 years and studied there in College). With him Grishina went out several times in “light”. Both “candidates” and Rina always called just friends, but last year in an interview, the girl said that with her boyfriend she 7 years were just friends!

“We started after we were both free, — she said. — Nobody stole anybody. We just first have lived not those who we need. And then looked at each other and understood well! Friendship was the perfect Foundation. And it’s cool to be in a relationship with a man, with whom was friends and know him very well”.

Now fans just have to hope that, having received the official status of wife, Rina will reveal the secret name of his legal wife.